love is magic

Ever have such a deep affinity for a beauty product that every time you take it out of your makeup bag, you’re reminded just how crazy you are for it?

what love looks like

That product for me is magic ink. I have three. I keep one at work, one at home & one in the glove compartment of my car. Some call it an obsession, I call it LOVE. And if I could only pick one product to wear, magic ink hands down would be THE ONE. When I use it, there’s always a moment of MAGIC when I take out the brush, inspect it, and that rich, deep-black liquid sits so satisfyingly in the fine tip.


I love it so much that at the risk of seeming completely crazy I have decided to broadcast my love for it on this blog via a love haiku. Consider it the closest thing to a public marriage proposal on a jumbo tron…

rich black magic ink 

luxurious mystery

you are all I need

…call me crazy. Do you think you could write a haiku about a favorite product? Try it!