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teen witch prep time

A few weeks ago, I had the greatest night of my life. Now, before you jump to conclusions it involves a sing-a-long and the 80’s classic film Teen Witch.

I headed downtown to 92YTribeca on Hudson Street with high hopes and high hair. The sing-a-long screening of Teen Witch was slated for 11:00pm and all I could think about was: 1. are my pink lips bright enough? and 2: will my hubbie and his bandwagon of dude-friends be angry with me for dragging them along? With my four gal-pals by my side and their testy-testosterone filled boyfriends, together we approached the evening hoping for the best with the boys expecting the worse.

For a quick synopsis of this powerful puberty-changing film here goes: Louis Miller (who by the way is Blake Lively’s sister, OMG!) is an awkward teen who yearns for the attention of high school hunk (whose name is of course, Brad). Mid film, Louise comes of age, or rather of ‘witch,’ with the help of a whacky fortune teller Madame Serena (aka: 4′ 3″ actress from poltergeist). She learns quickly how to use her magical talent to secure the hunk and become the most popular girl. Sound familiar? Of course it should!

As I prep for the evening activity, it’s my mission to get into character. To begin with, I naturally have big hair, the easier to poof-myself with my dear. I take my posietint and pink-up my lips and cheeks. I use BADgal blue on my lashes and gloss up my lips with dancing queen …and I’m “never gonna be… the same again.”

At the theatre, the boys quickly shuffle to the first row in protest. The girls trail behind them and fill up the second row. Lights out, I squeeze my gf’s hand tight in utter excitement. Before I know it, we are already at the first musical breakout in the girl’s locker room to “I like Boys” (my fave!). Suddenly, I realize that the sweet girly cheer is overpowered by a thunderous masculine intonation of, “I like boys, I like boys.” Ironically the frontline of combat, quickly turned to the frontline of Chorus Line the musical; the boys chanting together in utter bliss. Quite pleased with myself, the evening, and…ok fine, the man-clans’ newfound love for chick-flicks… I declared that night “one of the greats!”

The moral of the story- sometimes it just feels good to get down and girly and even drag your boys a long for the ride. They just might enjoy it. Go ahead—watch a girly-movie, take ’em shopping, get your brows done together (I’m still working on that one). They may kick and scream in the beginning, but I promise they will thank you later!

Can you “TOP THAT”, girly experience?