an ode to eye cream – PART 1

If we had to choose, I bet we all have one holy grail skincare product we cannot live without…my roommate won’t go a night without applying her favorite rich face cream, and my mom swears by her super gentle facial cleanser. I, personally, love love love eye cream. Day and night – even if I’m skipping moisturizer or (gasp!) sunscreen, I absolutely require a dose of concentrated moisture around my eyes. After all, a great eye cream drastically decreases puffiness and dark circles, not to mention moisturizes the delicate eye area to slow the appearance of fine lines. Yes, please!

an eye's best friend

Eye cream has been on my brain (face?) these past few weeks, as I’ve gotten my hands on our new eye cream, it’s potent. As a self-proclaimed eye cream connoisseur, I’m excited to say that this has become my newest obsession…it absorbs quickly, feels great on the skin, and most importantly, does the heavy lifting that an awesome eye cream must do. As a bonus: this bad boy looks awesome when paired with our bestselling erase paste concealer. I actually learned this tip from my sister, who visited the Benefit Boutique right by her college campus. She had never tried an eye cream but was a big erase paste fan, and the beauty artist demonstrated how to mix a dollop of it’s potent with some erase paste on the side of her hand before patting on the combined mixture gently under and around the eyes. As my sister said (I quote): “it looked INSANE.” Insane is really, really good, apparently.

it's potent-tastic

Yes, it’s potent eye cream is the apple of my eye, indeed. Stay tuned for my top tips on getting the most out of your eye cream. What’s your holy grail skincare product?