adventures in manscaping.

In a rare moment in Benefit history, today’s blog post goes out to the bros & their brows.

Manscaping: Is it the unsung hero of men’s grooming or an arcane ritual to be left to the ladies? I used to believe it was uncharted territory that only the brave or utterly vain were willing to tread, but I’m starting to realize that a little necessary manscaping has a lovely appeal.   

Disclaimer: It is 100% optional for guys go get their brows done – most male brows look awesome as is. However, it’s nice to see a little attention given to facial hair besides the 5 o’clock shadow or grotesque crumb catcher.

Meet Gary. At Benefit he works on our digital design team & he’s the nicest guy ever (and not just ’cause he laughs at my bad jokes). He recently got engaged to his gorgeous longtime girlfriend or else I’d probably try to set him up with all of your friends. The other day he was willing to jump into the Benefit water with both feet…or should I say with both brows, and got his first brow wax.

Illian introduces Gary to the groomed life

  • Have you ever had your brows done before? I have never had brows done before because I never looked at brows as an important grooming factor for men. I feel that the hairline and facial hair are essential upkeep and require minimal time.
  • Be honest. Did you tear up when she ripped off the wax strips? The waxing portion wasn’t painful, but I was surprised by how much detail went into sculpting the perfect brow.
  • Gary, even though you have a lot of brothers, what were your expectations of waxing from the women in your life? My expectations about waxing were that it was painful in the beginning, but after a couple of sessions your skin adjusts to the torture. Ha!
  • How did you feel after you got your brows done? I felt the same until I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed how defined that portion of my face was. It is amazing how a couple of fix-its can alter your appearance in a short amount of time.
  • Any lasting impressions from this experience? Any question on your manliness? I wouldn’t say that I felt manlier after having my brows done, but I did feel more distinguished with my brows done in the same fashion that eye glasses do for some people.

No longer a wax novice, it’s nice to see the men taking a turn in the aesthetician chair. I must say, it’s amazing to see how even a little bit of effort can make a difference. What do you say ladies, what are your thought on a little bit o’ manscaping? Bring your guys into our brow bars to see if they are up for the challenge.