meet the prince of beauty at harper’s bazaar…

Benefit gets to know Jessica Prince, Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar.

Quick description of a typical day at Harper’s Bazaar…
No two days are ever quite the same! Some are spent interviewing beauty experts (makeup artists, hairstylists, dermatologists) and writing stories. Other days I’m barely at my desk because I’m out covering industry events in New York City.

What is your first memory with makeup?
I remember when I was about six years old putting blue eye shadow on my mom before she and my dad went out for dinner. She took it off as soon as she got into the car. Now, she begs me to put on her makeup whenever I’m home visiting.

What is your favorite part about working at Harper’s Bazaar Magazine?
The wonderful, talented people I work with every day and all of the incredible opportunities awarded to me by being part of the Bazaar team.

What makeup trend are you really inspired by right now?
Definitely bright lipstick. Earlier this year I tested out a few shades for Bazaar.com’s “Month of Bright Lips.” Now that spring is actually here, I can’t wait to experiment with the pretty oranges, reds, and fuchsias I’ve been stashing at my desk since the spring/summer 2011 shows last September.

What’s in your purse when you go out at night? Come on girl…spill it!
Since my clutches are usually on the smaller side I squeeze in my cell phone, wallet and a lip gloss or two.

What is your favorite Benefit product and why?
My Benefit instant brow pencil. Every morning I give my brows a quick brush with the spoolie and a few light strokes with the pencil–and my face is immediately more defined. Also, since strong brows are such a huge trend for fall, I’m excited to play with my Benefit brows a-go-go shaping kit!

If you had 2 minutes to doll up what would you do?
Apply tinted moisturizer, spoolie my brows, and swipe on mascara.

What is your best beauty advice?
Remove all your makeup and cleanse before bed no matter how tired and lazy you feel. It’ll be worth it in the morning.

Finish this sentence: “I can’t live without…”
Dry shampoo.

Finish this sentence: “You’re never fully dressed without…”
A spritz of your favorite scent.