Where am I??

It’s official.  I am totally and completely confused about where I am, what day it is and what time zone I’m in.

In the last 30 days I’ve been to the following cities:  Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney, NYC, LA, Tampa, Portland and San Francisco.  Lots of frequent flyer miles yes but I’ve never EVER had to rely on makeup so much in my life! ha ha!  I have gotten to the point where there is a boi-ing #2 in every single purse I have and if I can’t find a boi-ing in under 10 seconds I start to have a panic attack.

Annie and I were in Seoul, KL, Singapore, and Sydney on a whirlwind tour to support new launches, as well as to celebrate 10 years down under in Australia!  I have tons of pictures  but I wanted to share just a few with you guys…..

I’ll do it in a series of posts, each one highlighting a different city.    Let’s start with Seoul, Korea….

We had one free day in Seoul so Annie and I took the subway from our hotel into downtown to see the sites!

Then we went shopping at Lotte.  In the dressing room they had these little bags that you put over your head before you try on clothes so you don’t get the clothes dirty.  This is a picture of the sign explaining it.  It amused me.  Looks like you have to suffocate yourself before trying on clothes…

Finally we had to do some work :)  Here is Annie and I at the Lotte Main counter…

Stay tuned…I’ll be posting soon about the rest of our journey!!