here comes sin city…

It’s spring, which means flowers, better fashion choices, and weddings GALORE (not to mention the royal wedding of the decade!). If you are near the ages of 20 to 40 you are probably attending a wedding this summer. A wedding brings a lot of responsibility, one of which is throwing/attending an unforgettable bachelorette party! Today our resident party gal Elaine to share her tips to the ultimate bachelor/bachelorette party place, Vegas!

Rule #1: Make a vow with everyone on the trip to refrain from posting pics to Facebook. Your mother will thank you.

brides gone wild.

A Foreword about Vegas: Vegas is a beast in itself – it lives up to its nickname “Sin City.” It’s crowded, everyone is there to have a good time, but also has creepy guys. Just be open minded and just enjoy the music. For the clubs, you should check first on who’s DJ-ing or who’s hosting a party before going. If it’s someone super famous, then it will definitely be difficult to get in. “All girls” is the rule of thumb to get in for free and not wait in line and get free drinks. If you’re with guys, then forget about it…you’ll have to wait in line AND pay unless your guy friends are willing to fork up money to buy a table/cabana. If not, then get to the clubs early at 10pm.

With that said, here is my list of hot spots to party:

Day parties (poolside): Swimsuit partying (these cost around $10-$20) Ditch the guys, and you can get in free sometimes if you talk to the host/line guy.

  1. Wet Republic –at MGM Grand
  2. Tao Beach – at the Venetian
  3. Surrender – at Encore
  4. Palms Pool Club – Jersey Shore Pauly D is usually there

Day Makeup Necessities: you rebel with SPF, benetint, BADgal waterproof liner & ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist (i LOVE this stuff).

Night Parties: (these cost around $20 and can get up to $50 if it’s a holiday weekend)

  1. Surrender – at Encore (This is my favorite. It’s so beautiful!!!)
  2. XS- also at Encore (can get crowded also has a beautiful waterfall)
  3. Tao – at the Venetian
  4. Rain – at the Palms

Night Makeup Necessities: smokin’ eyes kit, she laq to keep eye makeup in place until the wee hours, your preferred gloss shade, & bella bamba, a 3D brightening face powder.

Ultimate late-night partying:

  1. Drais at the Barbary Coast : go to this club only after 3am and be prepared to stay until the morning light.

Honestly, I can only go for 3 days before my body gives up and wants to sleep for 24 hours.  Party on,  because my days are over.

Xo, Elaine

Don’t forget to pack the H.O. Essentials: it’s potent eye cream, boi-ing concealer, dallas bronzer, and a little bit of BADgal lash…’cause we can’t be good all of the time.

What’s your best spot for bachelorette bashes?