beauty is only skin deep

Upon hopelessly trying to stretch out the little crows feet in the mirror at my desk today, and mildly obsessing over the blemishes I didn’t think would carry into adulthood, I came to the realization that if beauty is only skin deep, I should probably be taking better care of my skin.

I’ve heard it all, sleep more, drink more water, drink fewer cocktails, always remove makeup before you sleep, sheild your face from the sun, don’t eat too much ____(insert name of favorite processed, fried or cheese-filled food), but I’ve never actually focused on doing it.

That said, now that we have b.right! Radiant Skincare line which provides a complete skincare regiment, and I think it’s time for me to build some better habits for the sake of my skin. Thus, I am putting myself on a three-week, skin-improvement challenge.

I’m treating this like a diet and in the end I’m hoping for three things: 1) my skin will start looking like that of an airbrushed pop-princess 2) it might help me pickup some good habits 3) if it works, I will inspire others to work towards their skin aspriations.

Here’s what I’m focusing on this week:

1)mid-week libations are on hold (Cinco de Mayo will be a true test of my will power)

2)gulping down at least 4 glasses of water/day (which, in my opinion is the most boring drink of all time)

3)using the total moisture facial cream at night, triple performing facial emulsion during the day, and it’s potent! eye creamall the time

4)washing my face daily with foamingly clean facial wash

5)washing my face 3x week with refined finish facial polish

6)getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night

I’ll be blogging with updates and pics for the next three weeks so wish me luck! Brighter skin or bust.