Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by New Yorkers with as much vim & vigor as the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Year after year I approach the holiday as a means to get together with friends and family to celebrate the beginnings of spring over delicious margaritas.

Cinco de Mayo Makeup

Now for some Cinco-appropriate festivities, you need the Cinco-de-may-I-please-get-your-number makeup look. Follow me ladies. This look will never do you wrong. Line the lash line with BADgal liner waterproof. I like to go a little thicker with the liner to create a bit more drama around the eyes. Next, to get the perfect cat-eye extension, line over the waterproof liner with magic ink jet-black liquid liner. Load on some BADgal lash and voila! Seriously, it’s fool-proof.

BADgal liner waterproof

Step 1

Magic Ink

Step 2

Your almost on your way out the door, but before you do, blush on some dallas to warm-up your complexion. Then simply gloss and go!

I recommend wearing this look on any day (or night) you wish to elicit admiration…whether it be Cinco de Mayo, or the other festive 364 days in the year!