lip balm 911

Confession time: my name is BUZZarella, and I am obsessed with lip balm. From lip gloss to lipstick to chapstick and everything else in between, I’m constantly reapplying lip products and experience severe anxiety when I don’t have any on hand. I experienced my own lip gloss emergency of epic proportions last week, before attending the launch party for Refinery29 in San Francisco. This site is one of our longtime faves for all things fashion and shopping-related…the Benefit gals were thrilled to hear Refinery29 was launching the SF edition of their popular site in our humble hometown!


To compliment my party attire, I picked out a vintage clutch to hold my belongings for the night. Running out the door, I grabbed my keys, wallet and cell phone, but inconveniently forgot to grab any lip product. NONE. The problem was, my makeup look consisted of dramatic lashes (using multiple coats of BADgal lash), and the look required glossy coral-red lips, achieved by the combo of full finish lipstick in slow zone, topped with my fave benetint lip balm for a moist glossy finish. Since I didn’t have either of these, I had to think fast. It was late at night and there was no way to get to a Benefit counter.  Luckily, there was a grocery store near the party location, where I could run in and purchase a lip balm in a pinch…

Of course, the forces of nature were still not on my side, as there was a line about 30 people deep in the grocery store, with only one working cash register.  Enter Resident BADgal, who had the bright idea to ask a good samaritan near the front of the line to take pity on my naked lips, and purchase the lip balm for us so we wouldn’t be late for the party. Talk about good karma! Next it was off to the launch party where we celebrated with our favorite local bloggers and tore up the dance floor…and my lips were hydrated and happy.

Whew – crisis averted in lip balm land. How often do you like to reapply lip gloss or lip balm each day?