power of the picture

It happened last month…I turned 27 and I think I started to hear the faint whisperings of my eggs decree “freeze me, freeze me.” Let’s not get ahead of ourselves– a simple date would be a solid step in the right direction, but just where am I going to meet Mr. Tall-dark- non-smoking-ivy league-and-handsome? I’m definitely not finding him in the produce aisle. Maybe the bar scene…ummm been there done that, clearly to no avail. Finally, what about online dating?

I mean everyone knows someone, who knows someone, whose sister met her dream man and is now getting married. After months of being totally stubborn, I decided to take the advice of all the ads that pop up on my Facebook (that happens to everyone right?)… internet dating here I come! Aside from conjuring up witty headlines and walking the fine line between snootiness and total self-deprecation in the horrendous “about me” section, it’s all about the first impression… the profile picture.

Fortunately, I work here, so I recruited the help of the oh-so talented Shannon Pirie, national education director for Benefit Cosmetics, to give me her must have tips for taking a flawless photo.

it's my no makeup makeup look!

1.)    Of course the first step to a gorgeous look is great skin! Hydrate dull, dry skin with total moisture facial cream; this luxurious facial cream provides concentrated immediate & long-term hydration for an ultra radiant complexion, not to mention it smells delicious!

2.)    To avoid looking like an oily beast in the photo, prime the skin with the POREfessional. In addition to mattifying the skin this PRO balm helps to minimize the appearance of any pesky pores and fine lines. Your face will be a silky smooth canvas!

3.)    Cover up any under eye darkness with erase paste; we want our gorgeous peepers to be bright, alert, and pop!

4.)    Say adios to any remaining shine and holá to Photoshopped perfection with “hello flawless!” Simply use a brush and dust on to your t-zone or wherever needed.

5.)    Get your modern day Michelangelo on and create sculpted cheek bones with hoola; concentrate and build the color until your desired level of chiseled.

6.)    Add a little color to your skin with this one-two cheek combo. First, apply posietint to the apples of your cheeks with a foundation brush (it prevents your finger tips from turning poppy pink!) then apply CORALista or bella bamba for a sweet pop of brightness!

7.)    Create a sultry yet natural eyes with the big beautiful eyes kit. Apply a little more than normal to really define the eyes. Follow with BADgal lash to get voluminous come hither lashes.

8.)    Apply posietint to your lips and build the color until you reached your desired level. Top it off with a little california kissin’ to brighten your smile! Try and stay away from anything too white and frosty.

9.)    Lastly, recruit your hipster friend with one of those fancy cameras to take the photo, let’s be serious those things make anyone look ten times better than they actually do!

Good luck all! I hope you get that wink from a certain world traveling, Rhodes Scholars, dog loving, hottie!