few minutes to happy hour

There’s juxtaposed dread and elation as the clock strikes 5pm. Dread because you wonder how is it five already?! And elation because it’s 5 already!!! It’s quittin’ time. Ok, some days it’s closer to 7pm, but it means the same thing…someone needs a drink.

If you’re heading out to happy hour or dinner right after work, there are a few beauty essentials you’ll need to keep stashed in your drawer.

I asked the girls in the Art Department what they have stashes for post-desk life touchups…

Emily from Art has a BADgal liner waterproof at her desk to line the inner rims of her eyes to make her daytime look a veritable nighttime look. She also does a few fresh coats of BADgal lash and dab on a bit of the POREfessional to refresh her t-zone after a long day!

Dara’s makeup must-haves after 5 are: BADgal liner waterproof, boi-ing and bella bamba!

My true loves at the end of a long work day are…ultra radiance re-hyrating mist (it’s a little spray of heaven, I swear).


And never-before-seen, this is my drawer with my at-work makeup stash. I rely on the POREfessional to mattify my t-zone, a bit of CORALista to brighten up my complexion, a coat of BADgal lash, and a spritz of my place or yours Gina. If I need a little extra umph, I apply high beam for a natural, dewy glow on my cheekbones.  In under two minutes, I somehow don’t look like I’ve sat in front of a computer for an absurd amount of hours! Oh, and ladies, I swear by stay don’t stray, so I don’t even have to think about my eye shadow after I put it on in the morning.


What are your post-work necessities? Do you have makeup stashed at work?