beauty is only skin deep pt.2

Ok, so before I launch into all the benefits of this new skincare routine/lifestyle adjustment that I committed to in last week in last week’s post I need to admit something. You know that whole “I’m going to skip out on mid week libations”…well I’ve done so for the most part, but I cracked on Cinco de Mayo–hey it happens. But I did stick to my guns for the most part. Here’s a pic, what do you think? Does my skin look brighter?

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way here are some updates to my skincare focuses last week:

1) Cutting back on the mid-week cocktails has definitely helped with the hydration.

2) Having a hard time drinking 4 glasses of water, but sucking it up and doing it anyway.

3) The lotions are really awesome. Using the total moisture facial cream at night really helps after I’ve watched my face. In the mornings when my skin is usually tight feeling, it feels more supple. Big bonus that the light scent is soothing and helps me fall asleep.

As for the triple performing facial emulsion, this has been great especially for the SPF since it’s been surprisingly sunny in SF. Additionally I think my makeup seems to be going on smoother.

It’s potent! eye cream is a gem and extra crucial to making the concealer glide on smooth.

4) Washing my face is awesome. Love the way the facial wash lathers up and it takes my makeup right off.

5) The refined finish facial scrub is great. Especially useful in the shower (I noticed it has no-slip texturing on the tube)  for exfoliating the dry skin I get on my nose  and chin.

All in all, I can say that my skin definitely feels more moisturized and my makeup is looking more dewy. I’m going to keep at it and give you another update in a week!