the lunchtime warrior

Interwebs, I have a confession. Lately, I have gotten extremely lazy. This drawn-out winter has my workout schedule taking a backseat to dinners out, catching up on Modern Family, and calling my morning walk to work “exercise.” I’m going to do a vague dot-com promise to actually make an effort & part of this glorious plan is to get out of the office at lunch with Patty.

Patty is focused on running her first half-marathon this October in the Nike Women’s Marathon, so has been hitting up the gym during lunch. She’s learned how to maximize her lunchtime hour and is back before the swivel chair misses her too much. Now, no one wants to come back all red-faced, sweaty, and with no makeup (especially here at Benefit), so a gal’s number one workout partner is: stay don’t stray.

shadows don't even break a sweat after spin.

Here is Patty’s 9am look:

Her look: creaseless cream shadow/liner in r.s.v.p & busy signal, BADgal brown waterproof liner, and BADgal lash mascara.

eyes on the gym

After an hour kickboxing class this is Patty’s makeup without any touch up on ANY of her makeup…or any retouch on the picture, for that matter. Even after an hour workout and then a quick shower, her shadow stays put!

You can tell that the sun has changed…as it’s even when I took this after 4pm, but her makeup looks gooood! Go, Patty, Go!

now that's stayin' power.

What beauty products are packed in your gym bag?