Where am I??? Part 2

As promised, the next installment of “Where am I??” is all about our 2nd stop on the trip but before we reveal let’s review: Day 1 to 4 Seoul, Korea now onto day 5 and 6….

Kuala Lumpur!

No matter where we go, no matter how many miles away it is (and trust me, it doesn’t get much further away than Kuala Lumpur), whenever I see the Benefit pink counter it makes me smile. Cheesy yes but it honestly feels like home!

I have a disclaimer for the rest of this post.

Annie and I were only in KL for literally 24 hours.  Not only that, but the whole purpose of our trip was to talk to press all around the world about a product that I can’t tell you guys about yet! (this is killing me)

So it’s tough to find pictures that I can share with you at this time.  Not to fear though because not only did I document my trip with work pictures but I also documented it through my  favorite thing in the world (besides Benefit of course ) and that is FOOD!!

Here are pictures of two delish meals that I had while in KL.  The first was at a place called Top Hat whose signature dish was none other than something they called….Top Hats.  Strange.  They are basically little fried shells in the shape of upside down top hats filled with pickled veggies.  YUM.

Top Hat anyone?

The next dish was so good that it warranted a more profesh picture taken with a real deal camera. This was some sort of signature rice dish that came with lots of different things that you mix into it.  That’s really the only way I can describe it other than to tell you it was divine.


That about wraps up KL.  Oh yeah, it’s crazy, crazy hot and humid there so the ladies love them some primers: “that gal”, the POREfessional and some kind-a gorgeous were huge.

Stay tuned for installment #3 coming soon…