camping with makeup

yup, that's me on the right.

From the time I was 8 years old I spent my summers in Hinsdale, Massachusetts at the greatest all-girls camp; hail Camp Romaca. I learned the most valuable lessons at an early age at that summer haven; how to live with 13 girls in a 5X7 bunk, how to be a great friend, how to eat as many marshmallows in one sitting without getting sick, and lastly how to properly groom as a camper.

I was an unusual pre-teen, as I was more interested in shaving my legs and teasing my hair then joining the swim team. Go figure? While I was never the most athletic in my division, I was certainly the most creative. I was always a believer in showing up and looking good even if I had to fake the part. I found a means of priming and primping in the bathroom stall before any land-sport activity. I kid you not. You’re speaking to “Queen of the Kaboodle” over here. I quickly discovered the importance and necessity of a lip stain during the hot and humid summer months. So, I ransacked the creative arts center and hijacked a red marker (non-toxic). At 12 years of age I was applying red marker to my lips to give them a healthy rouge glow, and believe me it took a lot of marshmallow eating to fade those red lips. Boy, I wish I had known about benetint the famous cheek and lip stain.

The photo above is of me and my BFF at camp. I’m the one with the red lips in the photo…you surprised?

Can anyone relate to discovering makeup in the early years?