how to be active…and attractive!

Recently, I checked something off of my own personal “bucket list” and rode a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge here in San Francisco. This was no easy feat – primarily because I hadn’t been on a bike since…4th grade. (Check out our sweet helmets – safety first!) The panoramic views of the city and the bay from the bridge were amazing…but between the wind on my face and working up a sweat, I hopped off that bike looking less-than-scenic myself. Clearly, my first mistake was wearing my regular makeup during a blustery bike ride. But what makeup will stand the test of the elements, whether it’s a gym workout or a summer bike ride?

golden gate glam

My fellow blogger Geekalicious shared a great tip this week from our resident lunchtime warrior Patty, who relies on stay don’t stay eye primer to keep eyeshadow on during workouts. For some extra advice on activity-proof beauty, I went to an expert…a personal trainer who never enters – or exits – the gym without a flawless face. Meet Dena, a trainer who also shares her exercise expertise with the masses as the Managing Editor of Dena swears that gals can easily look gorgeous while breaking a sweat with just a few simple tricks…check out her must-have products below!

BADgal waterproof mascara & liner

“My BADgal waterproof mascara and BADgal liner waterproof have lasted through back-to-back spin classes. I pair the liner in the soft brown espresso shade with a couple coats of mascara, so that after class I looked like a doe-eyed beauty instead of a raccoon dipped in the bathtub.”

ooh la lift

“Yes, sometimes I drag myself out of bed at an absurdly early hour to go to the gym – which is why a good dose of the heavenly ooh la lift comes in extra handy.  It just makes me look and feel perkier, without looking like I’m wearing makeup!”

some kind-a gorgeous

“If you need to wear foundation to feel comfortable leaving the house (like me!) there is absolutely nothing better than some kind-a gorgeous which has this amazing silky, oil-free formula that doesn’t melt off my face the second I start glistening (aka sweating).”


“Yesterday I went into work without applying my usual blush of posietint and my coworkers asked me if I was sick…I literally never leave the house without applying this color on my cheeks and lips. Best of all, it lasts all day long and through any workout – in fact it looks so natural people often mistake it for my natural post-workout flush!”

triple performing facial emulsion SPF 15 PA++

“My skin craves moisture, but it’s hard to find one that can withstand a workout without contributing to breakouts. I love the light texture of Benefit’s new triple performing facial emulsion…and the no-budge UVA/UVB sun protection is a must, especially for any outdoor activity.”

Thanks Dena! Gals, do you wear makeup during physical activity, or prefer to be a barefaced beauty?

tour de benefit