do what you love, love what you do…

OK, so not only do I get to do brows around the world (lucky, I know) and hook up people with some FABULOUS Yuck to WOW brow moments, but I also get to create MOVIES about brows!  OK, so the movies are short – like 2 minutes – but they are still fun to make.  Yesterday we shot video footage for an exciting new video headed to a Brow Bar near you.

the calm before the storm

When the first model of the day sits down in the stylist chair the magic has only just begun.  FYI: we never use REAL models, just our friends and Benefit staffers that are good to go!

Alex LaMarsh is a beauty force to be reckoned with

Perfection is a must

Then when the lights go and on the shoot begins all the hard work put into the pre-production comes together.  Every long night and countless script and storyboard reviews are worth it!

Sometimes you just gotta shake it so that's what Kara did

We always make sure to use a few ladies from Beauty Central

Benebabes on set

To all the fantastic people who made yesterday possible, We appreciate you immensely.