all about the chacha…

Maggie and I just launched our brand new tint chachatint on HSN!

…and people are going crazy for the new shade!!!  I must say that I am a benetint and posietint lover, but this summer it is all about the chacha!

with a chacha beat!

I love to wear benetint when I am going for a soft natural flush to my cheeks and lips.

sexiest flush you can get from a bottle

I wear posietint when I want to feel girly and innocent…at least look innocent ;)

pretty poppy pink

For summer, tints are the perfect solution to dull skin.  I pop one of the three shades on my lips and cheeks, add a little hoola and I am set for the day!
If you can’t choose what shade you LOVE, are are all three on my hand!
from left to right: benetint, posietint, chachatint. What tint are you wanting to try?!