Q&A w/ hangover 2 star: jamie chung!

Benefit caught-up with The Hangover 2 actress Jamie Chung, on her way back from the premiere in Berlin, Germany to discuss beauty, hometown hangouts and filming in Thailand…

pretty, cool :)

Talented, charming, smart, gorgeous, and fun with an infectious laugh, San Francisco-raised celeb, Jamie Chung, is a true Benefit gal. She took a beauty break with her friends at Benefit to share some exclusive dish on her latest adventures.

Give us a pickup line…

You are like my dentures…can’t smile without u!

When do you feel most gorgeous?

Sun-kissed and in my birthday suit!

(almost) birthday suit


 What’s your favorite Benefit product?

Ahhh I love all Benefit products! But if I had to choose one I would say your boxes of powder. Whether it is hoola or bella bamba…they’re versatile colors that seem to look good on everyone! I’ve been using Benefit blush since high school and I always have to have one in my makeup kit.

secret to great cheekbones...hoola


You grew up in SF, what are your favorite things to do here?

I love hanging with my girlfriends, eating good food, running at Crissy Field and rock climbing with my gals at the climbing gym. Some of my other local faves include having lunch on Chestnut St and walking thru the farmers market at the Ferry Building.

What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled to for work?

Thailand for The Hangover 2. We stayed an hour south of Krabi at a beautiful resort on Krabi Beach.

Thailand is 98% Buddhist but southern Thailand has a thriving Muslim community. I remember leaving a boat dock after a day exploring beaches and island hopping, the sun was about to set when we heard the 6pm prayer on the loud speaker, it was enchantingly beautiful.

There were so many outdoor activities to do in Thailand, whether it was snorkeling, rock climbing, kayaking or being chased by local monkey on Monkey Beach (checkout this pic!), there were so many things to do.

Jamie's pics from Thailand


What was it like on the set of The Hangover 2?

Nerve racking! I was a so intimated on the first day of set. Luckily the guys were down-to-earth and really sweet. We worked long hours filming but we were on this gorgeous resort so it didn’t feel like work.

The rain was a bit of a challenge. It took us three days to film the cocktail party scene because it wouldn’t stop raining! There were hours of waiting around for the rain to stop to squeeze in a shot. We kept ourselves busy with scrabble on the iPad. On our days off we rented boats and island hopped, snorkeled, climbed rocks, and swam around while watching the sunset. It was pretty amazing.

Tell us some words of wisdom…

Nothing comes easy in life; you will always have to fight for the things you want. So when things get tough, remember not to give up because you are so close to success.