happy spring cleaning…

spring cleaning emergency!

Happy Friday to all and happy spring cleaning to me (can you hear my sarcastic tone vibrating through your screen?). Seriously though, spring cleaning is a good & healthy tradition that allows us to freshen up our lives and get a head start on the season ahead. Interestingly enough, the most important place that always gets left in the dust is our beloved makeup case. Here are a few tips and products that will add a breath of fresh air to your makeup bag and beauty routine.

1. To begin, prime baby prime! It sets your makeup flawlessly and evens out your skin tone and complexion. If you are as blessed as I am with some larger size pores then The Porefessional will be your skin saver. It literally gives your complexion an airbrushed look.

2. I love my tints! There I said it. A cheek & lip stain will appear brighter on the skin than a powder, and last for hours. I am really into pink this season and am loving posietint.

3. I like to be in the spotlight which why it makes sense why I am so obssessed with highlighters. I always illuminate the skin at the tops of the cheeks and down the center of my nose. Girl Meets Pearl makes me feel angelic.

4. Last but not least change up the color of your mascara. Im starting to think that plum is the new black. thoughts? Instead doing a heavy smokey eye, try a purple/violet hue to the lashes. I have been using BADgal Plum mascara and liking the results or shall I say reactions.

Does anyone out there have any other spring cleaning suggestions for my good ol’ makeupbag.

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