beauty dilemma: blonde brows + self-tanner

Here is my brow with a faux-tan and looking not too shapely...YUK!

Here is my brow after filling in with Instant Brow Pencil, light...WOW!

Spring has sprung, and so has my desire for bronzing in heavy doses! In my experience with self tanners, I have on occasion seen my brow get its faux-glow on…and it aint pretty. No blonde should ever start the trend for the burnished-brow look. I’m not going to blame the tanning culprit because clearly it’s my application that needs a lesson or two. And I’ll be honest, this is not the first time I have tanned my brows and shall I dare say, revealed other hair-tinted sightings. YIKES. Let’s face it, for a blonde, there is no excuse!

So I reach for my brow heros, Instant Brow Pencil light and High Brow and take that YUK to WOW. This combination is the way to go! The Instant Brow Pencil in the light shade fills in my brows perfectly and matches the deepest shade of my hair color. I am able to mask any faux-tint and fill in where I have sparse hairs, giving me the appearance of a more natural, soft, full brow. I then highlight with High Brow right beneath my arch to give my brows a more open, shapely look. Benefit Brow products to the rescue…phew!

Can anyone relate to this tinted-trauma tale?