NEW product alert: they’re real!

I have a beauty confession…they’re real!, they’re bigger, they’re amazing and they’re all mine before anyone else can get their hands on them for at least another month.

…I’m talking about my lashes of course! BUT for one day only you too can get your hands NEW they’re real!, the mascara that’s “beyond belief,” over a month before it hits the shelves.  Click here for the details.

This “bodacious breakthrough” mascara does what it says, providing lengthening, volumizing & curling for all types of lashes. Here I’ve taken a picture of my real lashes and my “beyond real” lashes after applying they’re real mascara. What do you think?

The reality is, my lashes are very straight, a little sparse and I typically have issues with non-waterproof mascara running under my eyes throughout the day. Why they’re real works great for me is for two major reasons:

Reason 1: the brush. It has bristles that are short and long, which grab EVERY lash–coating even the short lashes you may never have known existed. When I brush from the lash base wiggling up, it automatically pushes lashes upward, curling them. A major win is the tip of the brush which is a rounded “ball” which can be used vertically for coating bottom lashes.  The size is great for precision application and I’ve found the best way to apply takes three steps:

easy as 1-2-3

Reason 2: the formula. This mascara lengthens, volumizes and is LONG-WEARING. I cannot tell you how many mascaras have  slipped off me; this formula stays. Also, though it’s technically not a waterproof mascara I’d like to share a quick bit of info which may turn into it’s own blog post: this mascara survived a hot-yoga class! Beauty confession: I didn’t have time to take my makeup off. The rest of the makeup sweated off, the lashes stayed.

Here’s another beauty confession…I’ve slept in this mascara and it’s stayed on.  No joke.

They’re real mascara is the real deal and if you want to get your hands on it first before everyone else, you can this Friday!