around the world in 3 days

Question: how do you visit over 30 countries in just THREE days?!  Answer: hang out with Benebabes from all over the world at our annual marketing conference!

As a member of the Benefit PR team here in our SF headquarters, I have the very fun privilege of working with amazingly talented PR and marketing gals in our Benefit offices in all our markets – from France to Korea to South Africa to Australia. We don’t see each other often, but once a year, we make up for lost time with a few action-packed days here in SF, filled with everything from brainstorming sessions to Q & As with our co-founders, Jean & Jane Ford. Of course, when our hard work is done, we love to celebrate…whether it’s with a trolley ride around San Francisco, posing for funny photos in front of a green screen, or a group karaoke rendition of the classic song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Here are a few fun snapshots of our fun adventures last week. Can’t wait ’til next year…thanks for the memories, ladies!

catching up with Jean & Jane

sing it, sister!

fun on wheels

say cheese, ladies!

the gorgeous golden gate bridge

goofing around by the water

make love to the camera, baby!