spotted: 360 eye kit at sephora

Check out Benefit’s exclusive Ready…Set…Stay! Eye Trio only at Sephora.

As a recent college grad (and makeup addict), I have learned how to spot a great deal. This kit is $26, which is a mere $2 more than a full size stay don’t stray on its own. This exclusive Sephora kit comes with the three products essential to survive the 9 to 5 and beyond: a full size stay don’t stray eye primer, a mini Erase Paste concealer, and a mini creaseless cream shadow in birthday suit.

Here’s a pic of the pretty little set…

This set is a must-have! As someone who just started her first “official” job, this kit gives me the long lasting professional look I need to get through the day. I also love how it lasts beyond the usual workday, making it my perfect look for summer days… and nights.

Here’s my play by play for this solution set:

Step One: lightly pump stay don’t stray onto the back of hand, apply 360 degrees around each eye.

Step Two: grab that erase paste and dap a small amount on the back of your hand, then apply lightly to any of those discolored areas around the eye, especially on those lines (that definitely don’t fit the alert-look I’m going for).

*Tip* it also works wonders on acne spots!


Step Three: Now that the first two have handled all the coverage, I like to use some of the creaseless cream shadow in birthday suit to line, or just fill in the eyelid for an extra POP!

I also got a sneak peek of the new they’re real mascara… this product definitely lives up to its name. Check it out when it hits shelves in July, it gives my lashes a serious boost, which adds the perfect touch to my lasting professional eye look!

Done & done, I think this look is perfect for the work place, plus it won’t fade off by day’s end (read: it’ll give your boss the impression that you’re always alert).

Seriously, take it from the new girl, this set is easy on the eyes and the wallet. Anyone else have  advice  for a recent grad? Any fellow graduates out there starting your new job? Would love to hear from you!



Lily, our guest blogger, is the latest summertime addition to the Marketing Department at Benefit. This multi-talented grad spent time mastering the art of quick-fix makeup at our Chestnut Boutique and, get this, knows how to train alpaca (as in the llama-related animal). Her favorite Benefit product is hoola matte bronzer and she bakes rockin’ oatmeal cookies. <3