makeup for dummies…anyone?

Remember the glory days of paint-by-number, when instructions were crystal clear and you always ended up with a masterpiece. If you’re a gal (like me) who wished putting on makeup was just as easy, and are hopeful that one day there will be a makeup for dummies club in your community, then look no further.

conceal by numbers

What I seriously appreciate about Benefit is our handy makeup instructional guides (which every product has). Just so you understand what I’m talking about, below are 2 products that I heart that include a super helpful step-by-step lesson. Who knew there would be a school of thought for the cosmetically-challenged? Thank goodness!

erase paste
While some may think concealing is an easy job, it does require some know-how. When I first got my hands on this concealing-wonder, I was relieved to find a step-by-step concealing and brightening lesson for under eye circles, marionette grooves, and spot imperfections.

b-b-e easy as 1-2-3

big beautiful eyes
How many of us out there want to accentuate our beautiful eyes? All of us! But how many of us really know how to achieve that? The palette is a great start, but the directional guide really takes you to the finish line. And believe me…it’s a breeze. This little kit comes with an easy-to-follow illustrated, step-by-step makeup lesson that instantly turns you into a makeup genius.

Well done, Benefit. Thanks for making me a little bit smarter with every product I try. Anyone else out there needs to join the makeup for dummies club? Free admission.

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