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Lady Lana

Lady Liberty

I’ve lived in NY all my life, except for a brief sabbatical in Madison, Wisconsin for the college years. I’m ashamed to say that the last time I had an up-close and personal experience with the Statue of Liberty was when I was 7 years old and I guess I’ll include the amount of times I’ve watched Splash (best movie ever!).

For the 4th of July, my family took a champagne cruise around NY Harbor. It was really cool. While admiring “Lady Liberty” from a far, I couldn’t take my eyes of Lady Lana (my sis!) sitting right across from me. She was so boat-chic. “Its all about playing with brights and keeping it casually comfortable.” She wore yellow stretch jeans, a tailored denim blazer to keep within the nautical theme and a chunky necklace and fedora to keep her look stylish and fun!

Her skin was absolutely glowing. Her recipe was simple; that gal, for a natural dewy look, a peachy-blush, and her one obsession in life, BADgal lash…hey, can you blame her???

Thanks Lana for showing us the ropes when it comes to sea-side beauty & style.

Over and out!
Media Darling