used a kitchen sponge for foundation?!

Benefit fans, not only are you pretty, you’re also pretty HILARIOUS! We’re in day-two of our week-long Benefit Confessapalooza Sweepstakes for a VIP trip to the Lollapalooza music festival, and the beauty confessions are coming in hot! Can I just tell you, I’ve experienced the sheer joy of seeing some of these confessions and if I could sum it up in one word it would be this: AWESOME!

I’ve selected some very compelling, real confessions that need to be shared. Check out these little gems…

Makeup MacGyver: “Once I was out of cosmetic wedges so I cut off a piece of my mom’s kitchen sponge to apply foundation!”-Nicole

Hmmm…interesting: “I use benetint on more than three different places!” -Jenny

WOW…creative!: “When concealer just doesn’t do the trick, I use eyeliner on pimples to pass them off as beauty marks.”-K.C.

Preaching to the choir: “I’ve slept in my makeup and just added more the next day!”-Jamie

A gal after my own heart: “I’ve ALWAYS used toilet seat covers as face blotting papers!”- Lisa



is this wrong?



Think you can top these?

If you are a US resident 21 or up, definitely confess & enter the sweeps (if you’re not–or even if you are–definitely be sure check out our online beauty confessional

Although submitting a wildly juicy confession won’t increase your chances of winning (since it is a sweepstakes), your cleverness will not go unnoticed because we’ll be posting our favorite Confessapalooza beauty confessions as they roll in. Good luck you gorgeous, clever Benefit gals!