5 reasons I’m obsessed with facial mist

in yo face son

Spotted: a crazy blonde girl running around the office spraying her colleagues in the face with a mysterious sea-green bottle…hurry, somebody contact the Human Resources department! your face!

But seriously, the ultra radiance facial re-hydrating mist is my new obsession, and I admit, lately I’ve been “sharing” a spritz or two with my lucky coworkers! I had never used a facial mist before, so at first, I was skeptical as to why someone would need one. But now, this cooling mist is a mainstay on my dresser…and desk.

Here are 5 reasons why this is my favorite Benefit product for summer:

1. This gives your skin a mega-boost of moisture AFTER the shower, but BEFORE you apply moisturizer. You know how after the shower, your skin sometimes feels overheated, especially in summer? This gives it a soothing cooling sensation…and it works as a layer of light hydration that then gets “locked in” when you put on your moisturizer right after!

2. Do you ever need a pick-me-up right around 3pm during the workday? Skip the chips or coffee and just spritz a little mist right at your desk for a refreshing (calorie-free!) mid-day boost.

3. Legendary actresses got that coveted dewy-but-not-shiny complexion by sitting in a steamy bath after applying powder makeup. Fake this starlet appeal by lightly applying mist as the last step to set makeup and look naturally glowy in an instant.

4. With just a spritz, it’s the simplest skincare you can apply. This mist delivers instant moisture through the tri-radiance complex for immediate & long term hydration. A bonus? White & blue lotus ingredients soothe the skin and reportedly reduce stress (yes, please!).

5. It feels like a cool refreshing blast of heaven on your skin. Oh, and it’s pretty darn fun to spritz…yourself, or others!

instant refreshment

Have you ever tried a facial mist?