makeup manners 101

To makeup or not to makeup?  That is the question, at least when it applies to different social situations. For example, is it ever okay to apply makeup while at the dinner table? I was inspired to delve into this topic further when I was recently discussing with a friend whether it is acceptable to check one’s cell phone during dinner. I personally, am not a fan of checking a phone during dinner, primarily out of respect to my dining companion. But what about reapplying lipstick after you’ve finished your meal? Or touching up your makeup on public transit?

DISCLAIMER: Lily does not really cut her toenails at her desk...I promise.

I did an unofficial survey among the Benefit gals on whether it’s A-OK or NO WAY to do some of the following up-for-debate beauty blunders…what do you think?

  • Lipstick at the dinner table: the original question seems to depend on how easily/discreetly it can be done…girls here agree if you can quickly touch up gloss or lipstick in a swift motion, without the use of a compact mirror, after a meal, then it is fine. So save touching-up those perfectly drawn-on red lips for the restroom, ladies! Verdict: A-OK
  • Makeup in motion: is it acceptable to put makeup on while riding public transit? Verdict: DEPENDS.The gals here are split on this one. A few of us (me included!) are guilty of applying makeup while on the bus, while other gals say they would never do this. However, all of us agree that applying any loose powder in public is a big NO WAY if fellow riders are subjected to the inevitable mess.
  • Sharing is caring: what do you do if someone asks to borrow an item of your makeup? This one seems to depend on what type of makeup. Eye makeup seems to be a definite NO WAY because of germs, but most gals are fine with sharing a lipstick or gloss with a pal in a pinch. Verdict: DEPENDS
  • Public displays of grooming: our intern fresh from college swears that students often reapply deodorant in the classroom, especially in warm climates. Really?! And we’ve all seen people brushing their hair in public…which usually results in stray hair all over the place. The most horrifying? People cutting their nails – and TOENAILS – in public, including on the bus. Yikes. Verdict: NO WAY
  • Fragrance in flight: how much perfume you wear during travel is also a hot issue. Most of the Benefit gals agree that you should skip heavy perfume of any sort, should you end up sitting next to a person who is allergic (or just hates that perfume), but applying a very light fragrance before (never during!) the flight seems to be generally unoffensive. Verdict: A-OK
  • Shine “proof:” the gals agree that this is a top offense…we have a person here at Benefit (who shall remain anonymous) who loves to blot oil with facial blotting sheets, and then hold up the sheets and show everyone the amount of oil she removed. We adore her – who doesn’t love those oil sheets? – but would rather not see the proof in person. Verdict: NO WAY

Gals – what are your biggest makeup manners issues?