a scent for all seasons

Some people collect stamps, comic books, baseball cards, or dolls… heck, celebrities even have closets of shoes that they classify as a collection. Personally, I have a fixation on fragrance. My collection currently boasts about 15… ok 25 bottles, each one purposely placed on display in my room. Every fragrance is like a little piece of artwork, each one exhibiting for just a day. As most of the country is in full fledge summer (us San Franciscans might experience a day or two here in September…will keep you posted!) it’s important to update your fragrance for the season. Think of it like your wardrobe, you wouldn’t wear a cowl-neck, wool sweater in August (again if you are in SF, you might need to keep that one handy).

Here are a few of my favorite fragrances, perfectly light for summer time, along with a few tips that will keep your fragrance at its best:

 Laugh with me LeeLee is one of the original Crescent Row gals and the most popular of the crew. She is classified as a woody floral but once you spritz leelee your first impression will have you noticing citrus and melon in the top notes a subtle nod to summer.   Leelee, in scent and personality, is feminine, soft and flirty but not overly young and sweet.

first laughter, then love "... along came leelee"

 Tip #1: Apply your fragrance right after you shower. The moist skin and open pores will soak up the fragrance and hold on to it for longer. Besides, applying perfume directly on fabrics and jewelry can cause discolorations on your clothes.

 My absolute most favorite fragrance is garden of good & Eva. This is the ultimate summer fragrance, classified as a citrus floral, this fragrance is a clean, crisp blend of pear, watermelon, freesia and cedarwood.  This is a super refreshing scent for the dry hot months!

my go to Crescent Row gal

 Tip #2: How many times do you buy a new fragrance, wear it every day and then find that you can’t smell it on yourself after a few weeks. Change it up! Rotate a few of your favorites; it will keep the scent fresh to your senses and prevent you from overcompensating it on the application.

There are still times during the summer months when we want to step up our game. For these moments I love something about Sofia. As her name implies the fragrance is enticing, distinctive and really has that extra something special. Classified as an oriental floral, Sofia is a unique blend of mango, lily, musk and vanilla bean.

there's just something about...

Tip #3: To keep your fragrance smelling familiar, store your perfume in a cool dark area, keeping the bottle tightly capped in an upright position. Keep the fragrance in the box to really ensure the quality of the scent.

If you haven’t figured out which is your favorite scent,  stroll on down to Crescent Row, you never know who might be moving in next…