behind the scenes …take 2!

This time around when we take a look behind the scenes at our latest photo shoot, I thought it was important to pay homage to all those who make the day possible. There are so many people that spend a great deal of time on the pre-production it allows us to end up with the beautiful images we get to share with the world.

just a quick mirror check before we begin the day

Everyone from our fabulous photographer to the stylists to the assistants on set play such a crucial role in making the day a HUGH success.

even our photographer Christopher Kern thinks were pretty hilarious

Most¬†importantly, we make sure that laughter and fun –without a doubt–are always a part of the day.

hair and makeup magic take just as long as getting the right shot

even our models know how to laugh at themselves

If all else fails we always have laughter…its contagious!

Till next time…xoxo Hil