how would you spend 5 extra AM minutes?

For the gal-on-the-go, as so many of us Benebabes are, it seems there is never enough time in the day to get it all done. One common problem area? Mornings! I don’t know about you, but I’m always running out the door wishing I had a few more minutes in my morning routine.

To kick off this marvelous Monday morning, I did an unofficial survey and asked gals (and 1 guy!) here in the office what they would do with 5 extra minutes in their morning routines…check out the answers below!

Ashlye & Lily (and BUZZarella's kitty, above!) would spend those 5 extra bed

“Sleep in and use some extra ooh la lift! Actually, I would probably use a brush to apply my eye shadow instead of my finger…” –Lily, Marketing

“I would take the time to curl my lashes and put on mascara.” -Pauline, Copy

“I would make my eyes more dramatic, and do a smoky eye look.” -Alison, PR/Marketing

“I would apply falsies!” -Annie, Marketing

“I’d put on highlighter like high beam and more than one eye shadow color…oh and curl my lashes! And if I had 10 more minutes, I’d vow never to walk out of the house with wet hair again (my mom would be ashamed if she saw how I leave the house!)” – Quinn, Digital

“Sleep. Always.” – Ashlye, Business Analyst

“I would wear eye shadow. Right now I don’t wear it because I’d rather get that extra sleep!” -Germaina, Product Marketing

“I’d put on primer, liquid foundation and powder foundation. Most days, I just wear the powder.” -Dara, Art

“Eyeliner. Obvi.” -Kate, PR

“If I had five extra minutes, I would put on eye shadow and liner.” -Leslie, Reception

“Is it wrong to say I typically sacrifice sleep for putting on makeup? Instead of going liner-less, I would dedicate that extra 5 minutes to using magic ink and create the perfect cat eye!” -Alyssa, Product Marketing

“Liquid liner!” -Tori, Training

“If I had an extra five minutes, I’d run a quick curler through my hair to give it some bounce.” -Mac, Intern

“I would put on an extra coat of they’re real mascara and add some BADgal waterproof liner.” – Amanda, Creative Services

“I think I’d actually sit down to eat my breakfast and drink my coffee, instead of standing.” – Bjorn, IT

“I’d probably put on some primer (like the POREfessional) to give me smoother-than-smooth skin and help my makeup stay put!” – Lindsey, Copy

“I’d do the whole face routine…wash, exfoliate, moisturizer, SPF. Plus use my makeup brushes rather than my fingers on the bus.” – Alex, International

It’s all about the eyes…most of the answers had something to do with lashes or eye makeup. These gals won’t skimp on basics like blush or concealer, but a full eye makeup look is a luxury that can be skipped in a time crunch. As Leslie explains, “this usually takes me the longest when getting ready so if I’m running late my eyes are usually the ones who suffer.”

What would YOU do with 5 extra minutes in your morning routine? Do tell!