the truth will shock you

Reality TV got it right. When you leave people alone in a booth with a camera, you strike pure entertainment gold. Using this sure-fire formula and adding in some “they’re real! truth potion” (thanks Belvedere Vodka),  we set our sights on Lollapalooza, one of the most high-energy music festivals in the country. Click the pic below to check out some of the confessions…

click here…the truth will shock you! 
Here are a few exclusive shots of the they’re real! video confessional, along with our models serving  “truth potion” with lie detectors on their trays.

things were getting...uhh...real!

wanna get something off your chest?

they're REAL!

Some of the confessions that didn’t make the cut in our video were a little more risque, a little more shocking (we’re talking fun with “chicken cutlet” bras), and I’m not sure if they’re too hot for this blog.

BUT being the BADgal that I am, I’m trying to lobby for the release of some more raw, uncut footage based on what our readers want. Would you want to see more REAL video confessionals?