engagement photos makeup 101…

Meet my bestie Stacy. She has her engagement photos in an hour and needs a quick make-upper before the photographer get’s to her apartment. WOW-zer! Media Darling (that’s me!) to the rescue. I reach for my emergency makeup-bag with just the essentials to get Stacy picture-perfect!

Stacy’s got a natural glow going on, so her sun-kissed complexion just needs a light veil of coverage. I lightly brush hello flawless! in beige with spf 15 over her skin to even out her complexion and give her that flawless air-brushed appearance. Since she’s taking photos outside she’ll need that spf protection. I blush on dallas over her cheeks, down her nose and lightly across the chin. It’s the perfect blush-bronzer shade! Now, just a touch of stay don’t stray over her lids and around her eye area with extra strength concealer boi-ing. In case they’re are any tears, this combination will ensure that her makeup stays put!

Stacy has big gorgeous doe-shaped eyes so I decide to really play up her lashes and enhance her brows!
I reach for they’re real; it’s like false lashes in a bottle and instant brow pencil in medium to really fill in and shape her brows in a natural way. A little bit of high brow beneath the brow bone to emphasize her arch and a touch in the corner of her eyes to really open them up.

Hey Stacy, are those lashes for REAL?!?! You look fabo!