beauty RX: sick-day makeup

Disclaimer: before you think I’m totally insane, hear me out…if I am sick, I’m definitely not wearing makeup.  In no way am I advocating doing any primping when you’re not feeling well.  However, I was faced with this minor beauty dilemma yesterday when I was home sick and my boyfriend offered to bring by get-well-soon supplies (i.e. tea, magazines, crackers).  So sweet!  But alas, my face & lips were pretty much the color of a sheet of paper, aside from my extra-dark circles.

the sick-day makeup look in action

I didn’t want to look like I had applied any makeup at all…but I also wanted a perk-me-up so I didn’t feel totally horrible when he stopped by.  My quickie solution?  The ultimate sick-day version of the no-makeup makeup look!  Here’s my 3-step process:

1.  I applied the tiniest bit of erase paste under my eyes.  Here’s the secret: a makeup artist once taught me to rub a dot of concealer between your thumb and forefinger a couple times to “warm it up” before applying to the face.  This ensures maximum blendability to make it look like you’re wearing nothing at all…I can definitely notice a difference when I use this technique.

2.  A little pop of benetint on cheeks gave me some healthy color, and then I applied the remaining tint on the brush to my lips to bring them back to their normal, non-sick natural rosy color.

3.  Finally, I cheated and smudged a tiny bit of brown eyeliner on the outer half of my upper lid, just to give my eyes definition.  Mascara would have been too obvious, but this made my eyes look a little brighter than their natural state that day.

just what the doctor ordered

When I looked in the mirror, I at least looked a little better than I felt, which was enough to put a smile on my grumpy face.  And I used the same basic tricks (plus mascara, this time!) the following day when I headed back to the office after a day of recuperating.

(kind of) ready for my close-up?

What about you ladies…have you ever had to fake a healthy glow when you’ve got the flu?