Local Love

local love at the benefit boutique

What makes San Francisco so...well, San Franciscan? In honor of our beloved hometown, Benefit just launched our "I Left My Heart..." campaign to celebrate where all of this Benefit magic started. We decided to ask some of the most awesome ladies we know to share their favorite things about the city in a gorgeous new feature on our website titled "Local Love." And what better way to celebrate than to invite the gals themselves to come play at the Benefit Boutique here in San Francisco?!

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walkin' in style

benefitting…the aha

For 3 years and counting our family here at Beauty Central has been participating in the American Heart Association Heart Walk in SF. Approximately 125 people signed up for the walk and helped to raise money for such a deserving cause. I of course brought my camera along for the stroll and got some great pics of "Team Benefit" in action.

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lash tinting

the scoop on…brow & lash tinting

The problem is that before the new boutique in SoHo opened, I didn't have any place where I could take part in my ultimate favorite, non-essential, yet totally addicting beauty service...TINTING! Being a brunette I have brown brow and lash hair but of course I want it darker. Enter tinting. If you've never gotten a brow and/or lash tint I can understand the confusion...why not just use mascara and brow product?

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brows n' browns

ny fashion week…runway to everyday

Now that NY Fashion Week has ended we are left with hundreds of inspiring runway looks ranging from barely-there to downright intense (electric blue lips, anyone?). While we can try any of these looks behind closed doors, which beauty trends from the runway can we actually use every day? Here we've rounded up 3 of our favorite wearable looks to try from NY Fashion Week Spring 2012 and made them easy.

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three strokes

how-to…use benetint

Many people know or have heard of our beloved benetint but, many of you out there don't know what the heck it is. People always ask us: What is this? Is this nail polish? How do you use this? Is it for the cheeks? Is it for the lips?

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