let me introduce you…

Now Benefit has had some pretty amazing new products this year, b.right! Radiant Skincarethey’re real!, chachatint, the list goes on and on, but I’m most excited about our newest launch, Lash Lovelies! With 8 styles, our false eyelash collection has a look to fit every gal’s mood!

We conducted an impromptu photo shoot around the office to show you how each of our false eyelashes look! Get ready for your close up ladies…

little flirt lash

Germaina is wearing the little flirt lash. It has varied-length lashes for a playful babydoll look. This lash looks great on all eye shapes; it’s definitely a bold look so shrinking violets look elsewhere!

The alternating length and thickness gives a playful babydoll look!

Germaina can definitely rock this fun and flirty style!

starlet lash 

For those of you who are looking for a basic lash look but don’t feel confident enough to take on individuals I suggest trying the starlet lash. Lindsey is wearing this half lash style, it’s meant to be worn on the outer corners of your eye. It creates a natural yet doe-eyed look, perfect for all eye shapes and sizes.

This is the little black dress of false eyelashes, total must-have!



The starlet lash creates a soft and feminie doe-eyed flutter!

angel lash 

These curled and precisely separated lashes offer Danielle a perfectly pretty look. The alternating lengths of lashes allow for easy blendability into her own lashes. The angel lash looks great on all eye shapes and sizes giving a unique look especially to those who are plagued with stick straight lashes.

Curl, length and volume are achieved with the angel lash!

Loving this ladylike lash look!

prima donna lash

Our very own makeup maven Annie Ford Danielson is rocking her favorite of the collection, prima donna lash! The finely-crossed lash gets you va-va voom volume. This is a natural looking lash, great for everyone, no matter your current lash length.


The criss-cross style creates volume starting at the lash line!

Try layering the prima donna lash for more drama!

debutante lash 

Our debutante lash is a perfect “starter” style. The refined and delicate lash blends beautifully into your own lash line. Alex pairs the debutante lash with magic ink liner and full-finish lipstick in flirt alert to create a glamorous look perfect for the big screen.


The lashes delicate style is perfect for even the fairest of blondes!


Alex knows how to pull off the old Hollywood glamour style perfectly!

big spender lash

Arlene is modeling our big spender lash! This lash style looks best on almond shaped eyes, adding length and volume. This lash works great with those who have straight lashes, blending in perfectly!

The flared out style really opens up the eye!



Tip: If the lash is too long trim this style starting from this inside

pin-up lash

Love, love, love this lash! The multiple layers of lashes create a fluttery, ethereal look. With a blend of brown and black hair this lash works beautifully on everyone.

ATTENTION RED HEADS: definitely try this lash!

May’s playful personality works perfectly with this lash!

The brown and black lash combo is so versatile!

Our final lash style is the going soloThis individual lash offers three different lash lengths. This allows you to achieve length and volume just where you need it! The individual lashes are perfect for those of you with sparse lashes or for those of you who want to amp up what you already have!

I hope you all get to try out the lashes and see which work best with your personality. To help you with application, check out this video…