how-to…use benetint

Many people know or have heard of our beloved benetint but, many of you out there don’t know what the heck it is. People always ask us: What is this? Is this nail polish?  How do you use this?  Is it for the cheeks?  Is it for the lips?

sexiest flush you can get from a bottle

Today we are going to answer all your tint questions, but first a little history on benetint. Benetint was created in 1977 by our co-founders (my mom & aunt) Jean and Jane Ford. It was originally concocted for an exotic dancer who requested… a nipple stain. Years after this product was first sold as “rose tint” it was renamed “benetint“. It has since soared to cult fave status and is loved by celebs, makeup artists and gals around the world.

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So how exactly do you use this legendary rose tinted lip and cheek stain?

Step 1: Sweep benetint onto the cheeks, starting from the apple upwards. TIP: start with less and build the color, you can always add but subtracting can be difficult.

three strokes

Step 2: Using your pointer and middle finger blend in an upward circular motion. TIP: always use your pointer and middle finger with applying makeup, they are the most delicate fingers and will ensure you have a gentle touch when you apply to skin.

after blending, you get a perfect flush

Step 3: Layer until you have your desired shade.

Step 4: Sweep on lips & blend. TIP: you can apply your favorite lipstick or gloss on top to enhance the color.

perfect for cheeks and lips

Why use a stain? Our stains not only stay on all day long, but they are completely kiss-prof, life-prof, and they make you look FAB!

My final TIP for benetint: Mix with high beam for a gorgeous glow!