greetings from bestival 2011

Tiffany here, reporting from Isle of Wight, United Kingdom, a small island off of Southamton, UK (where Titanic departed from!).

For anyone who is a music festival fanatic, Bestival is the place to be! This year The Cure, DJ Shadow & Pendulum were just a few from the awesome lineup!  If I wasn’t jamming out at a concert, exploring the scene, or eating British festival food, I was hanging out at Benefit’s Garden of Gorgeous.

Benefit's Garden of Gorgeous

Benefit’s tent was dedicated to cater to Bestival’s Benebabes with makeovers, games to win prizes, and overall a good time.  We played hula hoop games, connect four, and a life size jenga (trust me, playing jenga when it’s six foot tall is not as easy at it looks)!

We also had a photo booth to show off your great makeover!

Jasmine and Luke in the back from the Benefit UK team

 The British sure know how to party regardless of the weather, with severe weather warnings, people still were out in their wellies (rainboots).  So much British lingo I was unaware of!

Funny Story: there was a group of guys that looked like Waldo from Where is Waldo? So I yelled out,”Hey I found Waldo!” and they yelled back “Are you American, It’s Wally in the UK!”

It was great to bond with the Benefit UK team for the weekend and it was all smiles the whole time.

To see more pictures, visit the UK Facebook fan page here.