how-to…cover up a black eye

Two days ago a my hubbie came home with a sports accident. The end result, a big ol’ fashioned black eye. I decided to work my Benefit magic and use the essential tools for flawless coverage (and believe me, for all those guys and gals that are prone to sporting accidents and bruise like a peach, listen up).


after :)

First start with stay don’t stray; this power primer holds concealer so it stays put throughout the day. Dap on gently with your ring finger over the discolored area. Next take a tiny bit of erase paste and dap over the stay don’t stray. It has a melon undertones that diffuse any purplish-redness that tends to surface after a bruise. Finally sweep over and set with hello flawless custom powder cover-up.  It’s perfect for controlling the degree of coverage so you don’t end up looking cakey.

How does he look?