the scoop on…brow & lash tinting

The things we do with our hair is nuts.  I personally remove it within an inch of its life from certain areas while helping it grow in others.  The hair I do leave behind I either make darker (lashes, brows) or lighter (head hair).  The best /asinine thing is when I straighten my semi-wavy hair, just to then put a curling iron to it so it has the perfect amount of curl…which I of course control.  None of this is at all necessary and quite frankly is a pain in the a*s at times but I put myself through it anyway and I like the results.

The problem is that before the new boutique in SoHo opened, I didn’t have any place where I could take part in my ultimate favorite, non-essential, yet totally addicting beauty service…TINTING!


lash tinting

brow tinting (don't worry, they don't stay like this!)

Being a brunette I have brown brow and lash hair but of course I want it darker. Enter tinting.

If you’ve never gotten a brow and/or lash tint I can understand the confusion…why not just use mascara and brow product?  The answer is…

a) after it’s done it lasts for 4-6 weeks and you don’t need to use those products as much hence cutting down on getting ready time aka more sleep. Shameless plug, I still use they’re real because it’s THAT good.
b) I’m a beauty junkie and I love trying out the latest and greatest
c) It’s 14 min of zen during which I can’t check my black berry even if I wanted to
c) it’s the ultimate Benefit fake it!
If you live near one of our 17 boutiques across the US, stop by and ask them about tinting.  I promise it’ll change the way you feel about your brows and lashes.

SoHo boutique aka beauty heaven

some of our first visitors!

…and just because I’ve been camped out there all week, here are a few shots of the interior of our new NYC SoHo boutique, empty and then filled with excited new Bene-babes!