how-to…get photo-ready cheeks

After 2 years on HSN and many many work photo shoots, there is one thing I’ve learned…the camera EATS MAKEUP.

where did you go blush?

By that I mean if you want your makeup to show on camera, add as much as you normally would, and then double it.  It’s something to do with the bright lights and flash. It just blows everything out.

That’s why for the big gala opening of the Benefit Boutique SoHo in NYC I doubled up on my blush.

Step 1 -I’ve already applied 90% of my eye makeup as well as complexion makeup.

blank slate

Step 2 – Apply benetint I use 4 strokes of the brush per cheek and blend with a foudation brush.  Normally I blend it directly with my fingers but for photo ready makeup it’s best to use a brush so your concealer/foundation stays perfect.

just benetint

Step 3 – Apply bella bamba.  This is the key to long wearing blush…layer!  Plus bella bamba has a soft golden sheen to it which is really pretty in pictures.  I apply it with my old school fan-tail brush.  They are a bit hard to find but perfect for sheer powder blush application.

doubling up

…voila! Ready for my closeup.