big beautiful eye…glasses

Editor’s Note: this is a post courtesy of our fabulous summer intern, Mac, who is our gorgeous gal in glasses. Enjoy!

There once was a time when glasses were not considered “geek chic” or “hipster.” It was also at this time, that my high school volleyball coach threatened to kick me off the team if I did not invest in contacts or sports goggles. To Costco I went, to purchase my astigmatism special contact lenses. They were painful, itchy, and fell out more than once during a game.

Thankfully, my contact lenses and volleyball days are long behind me. I now sport heavy rimmed, tortoise shell frames and I couldn’t be more pleased. Though my glasses make a great accessory, I often worry that my face is a mere accessory to them.

the perfect pair

Many glasses-wearing gals deal with this same beauty dilemma: How to make eyes stand out behind big frames.

The solution can be found with three easy Benefit products– stay don’t stray, big beautiful eyes and they’re real.

the trifecta

Step One:   Using your pinky, simply dab stay don’t stray under your eye and on the lids–blend to perfection. This primer will keep your makeup in place and brighten your eyes.

Step Two:  Next, use your big beautiful eyes to give some color to your lids. Begin by blending the boi-ing concealer under the eye. This will complete the removal of dark circles under your eye. Next use the light pink base shadow—be generous as you glide this shadow across your lid. Then, use the contour shadow to create a natural smokey eye effect. Do this by creating a small “<” or “>” shape on the outer corner of your eyes. Start in the crease under your brow bone and blend this darker shadow in. Lastly, give yourself a heavy top and bottom liner with the brown liner shade and liner brush. It is important to do a heavy line on top and bottom because this is a key component in making your eyes pop behind glasses. Additionally, the dark brown liner shadow complements a tortoise shell frame perfectly! Same goes for a black liner with black frames.

accent the eyes...

Step Three: Treat your lashes to the holy grail of mascara: they’re real. With just one coat, lashes look instantly longer and thicker. Let that first coat set in and then use a second coat to define the individual lashes.

...and add mascara!

Using three simple products, your eyes can pop behind glasses. Though this look can work for even the lucky ladies who have perfect vision, it especially helps us less fortunate. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I beg to differ. Go forth and proudly rock your frames, my four-eyed fashionistas!