how-to…make false lashes easy

Putting on false lashes is like parallel parking: the only way to get better is with practice. The caveat being, even with decades of practice and hundreds of parking spaces later, there will always be days when I wish I could magically shorten my car.

One day, the analogy dawned on me as I was unsuccessfully applying a pair of our new prima donna lashes, when I realized something…these are false lashes, you don’t need to be a magician to shorten them, just a pair of scissors. In fact, the prima donna lash is symmetrical on its own and can be CUT IN HALF. Mind blowing.

prima donna lashes are tapered at the ends & long at the center

After cutting one strip of lashes, I applied each half to the outer corner of the lash line–with the longer lashes on the outside.

longer lashes go on the outside to create a doe-eyed effect

Half-lashes are easier to apply because you don’t need to align an entire strip with the arc of your lash-line. Apply starting with the outer edge and these half-lashes will just fall into place. As an added bonus, using one strip for two eyes means that you end up with an additional set, making it more economical!

fill in the lash line to make the lash strip look continuous

Next, fill in the lash line on the inner corner of the eye with black eyeshadow on a slanted brush or magic ink liquid eyeliner to make the lash strip look continuous.

applying a coat of mascara brings the lash look together

Since I love the added drama, I finished the look with a coat of they’re real mascara on the natural lashes. Check out the before & after…they’re fully-loaded false lashes with half the hassle.

lash drama for your mama

What are some of your favorite techniques for making false lash application easy?

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