how-to…use & care for brushes

What would an artist be without her paint brush? The tools that we use are necessary to get the desired effect.  As if it wasn’t hard enough to pick amongst the thousand of brush styles, then we need to know how to use and how to take care of them! Check out the below to see what beauty tools you just can’t live without:

brush your way to beauty bliss...

concealer brush:

– this brush is made out of a synthetic material and works best for liquid and cream based products

– created for applying concealers like erase paste and boi-ing the tapered point allows the product to be worked into smaller areas for precise application. Also try applying your stay don’t stray with this brush, simply pump a small amount on to the brush and blend out 360 desgrees around the eyes!

cream shadow brush:

– this synthethic brush works well with liquid and cream based products

– created for applying your favorite creaseless cream shadow/liners this brush ensures even application and prevents product from getting on your fingers!

Cleaning tip: if you are a Benefit collector and have a closet of creaseless cream shadows make sure to tissue off any excess product once you complete your look, that way you can switch from strut one day and RSVP the next without compromising the color!

foundation brush:

– synthethic brush works well for liquid and cream based products

– don’t let the name fool you, this is an extremely useful tool and works with many products! Besides applying playsticks  and you rebel I love using this brush for applying tints! With any of the tints it is best to apply quickly but what’s a girl to do when your finger is a lovely shade of chachatint? Forget the mess and simply apply the shade with the tint’s included brush and then blend out with the foundation brush. The foundation brush is perfect for applying any of your favorite Benefit highlighters! Use the brush to blend to a lovely glow!

powder shadow brush:

–  this natural hair brush works well with our single velvet eyeshadows or any of the shadows in our eye kits.

 – This is an all encompassing powder shadow brush! Apply your all over shade with this brush and also create that sexy defined contour! Depending on your eye shape try using the brush in the following way:

  • for smaller almond-shaped eyes concentrate your deeper shadow shade on the longest hairs of the brush and apply along the lash line horizontally
  • for medium shaped eyes with a non-pronounced brow bone concentrate the deeper shade on the longest hairs and apply to crease, blend by placing the shorter hairs at the base of your eye and the longer hairs at the crease

contouring made easy

  • for medium shaped eyes with a pronounced brow bone begin by concentrating the deeper shade on the longest hairs and apply to crease, next turn the brush over so that the longer hairs are at the lash line and the shorter hairs are hugging the brow bone

this brush works for every type of eye

– to get perfectly arched brows pair your hard angle brush with brow zings for both the powder and wax. I like to start my brow process by defining the arch first, then move on to the fuller part of the brow, ensuring that we avoid any angry too deep brows! Next, outline both the top and bottom of the fullest part of the brow and then with any remaining product on the brush fill in the sparse areas.

–  Also use this brush to create a boldly lined eye! Try pairing this brush with your deeper velvet eyeshadow shades (simply wet the brush before) or pair with the deeper creaseless cream shadow shades.

blush brush:

– not just a blush brush this can be used with any complexion powder formulas like “hello flawless!”  or  get even.

– if you are feeling extra confident apply your hoola as a contouring powder by using the tips of the blush brush to really concentrate the powder at your cheek bones to create a sculpted look.

–  dip your blush brush into any of the box o’ powders, blow of any excess and then apply to the apples of your cheeks. Remember it is always easier to apply more should you need it.

Now that you have your necessary tools and know where and how to use them it’s all about keeping them in their tip-top shape! I know it’s a pain but at the very least you should be cleaning your brushes every week, it’s just as important as the weekly trip to the laundry mat! Follow these quick and easy steps:

1.) No fancy brush soaps are needed, simply use your shampoo to wash!

2.) Apply a small amount of shampoo to the brush and suds away!

3.) Wash the brush until the water runs clear of any product.

3.) Your blush brush can take a bit longer to dry so it might be nice to have a back up!

4.) Afterwards, lay down your natural-haired brushes flat on a papertowel to ensure that no water gets into the base of the brush, potentially damaging the glue which holds it all together.

5.) Synthetic brushes can simply be patted dry and are ready to be used again while natural hair brushes will take a day to dry.

Keep your brushes and makeup collection in the new makeup bags! The smallest benefit beauty bag is the perfect size to keep all your brushes protected. For weekend getaways try the larger benefit beauty bag . Store your brushes in the clear pocket and place the rest of “your face” in the main section.