look the part…job interview

Congratulations, they loved your resume and you landed an interview! So how do you turn that into an offer? Being qualified helps and so does selling yourself as the polished, poised and perfect person that you are. While your makeup isn’t the end-all, be-all of a job interview (unless you’re applying to be a makeup artist), it’s certainly part of your presentation package.

With many people looking for jobs these days, I’ve created a makeup recipe for a professional look and also picked the brains of some colleagues for interview tips…

You're hired!

Job Interview Makeup Recipe

EYES…this is a huge focus since you will be making consistent eye contact for a long period of time. In addition to a good night’s sleep, remember to do these three things: conceal, brighten and emphasize.

Use concealer over dark circles and brighten with an eye brightener like eye bright on the dark eye areas–don’t forget the inner corner of the eye next to the nose bridge.

For eyeshadow, stay away from very dark all-over eyelids and brightly colored shadows. Keep it simple. Use one or two nude shades on the eyelid and a bit of deep brown or taupe shadow in the outer corner of the eye for definition. For emphasis, use the deep shadow to line the lash line. Benefit big beautiful eyes is an all-in-one kit with the perfect neutral shadows and contains concealer for touch-ups.

Finally, top it all off with brown or black mascara.

LIPS…have you ever been in a situation when someone is talking to you but you can’t hear her because her lip color is too loud? Bold lipsticks, bubble gum pink and super shiny gloss can be distracting, which is why for an interview, you go nude. Plus, nude lipstick = less of a chance it’s showing up on your teeth.

FACE…moisturize, conceal imperfections and use an all-over cover-up. A light pink blush adds the perfect amount of tint. A little matte bronzer can look good when used in moderation, but hold off on the 80’s blush trend until your new-job celebration.


…from My Boss (the person who interviewed & hired me): “Think about where you’re interviewing and what would look most appropriate.”

…from a PR Pro: “As much as you love fragrance, SKIP PERFUME!”

…from a Digital Marketing Maven: “Regardless if you are interviewing at a hedge fund, ad agency, or babysitters club, employers want to hire alert, focused, and awake employees who are ready for anything!”

…from a ResidentBADgal: “Companies want employees who are enthusiastic and bring positive energy to the company so before your interview, get stoked. Do whatever it takes to be excited & at ease. Play your favorite song, dance around—look in the mirror and say ‘I’m going to crush it today.'”

Have any interview tips to help out job-hunters? Share them here!