beauty decision…brush vs. sponge

To brush, or to sponge…that is the question.

"hello flawless!"

As our Life of the Product Party said in her post about makeup application “the tools that we use are necessary to get the desired effect.” So to ask the question of whether to apply “hello flawless!” powder cover-up with a brush or a sponge, is to really ask “how much coverage do I want?”

But before you begin brushing or sponging your way to flawless, remember two things 1) moisturize 2) prime. We recommend the POREfessional primer to create a silky smooth base for makeup.

To start, there are folks who want a lot of coverage, those who only want a little bit, then there’s everyone in between.

sponges=more coverage, brushes=light coverage

If your skin is fairly even with a few problem areas, use a foundation brush to apply powder cover-up all over the complexion (the brush included in the “hello flawless!” compact is primarily for on-the-go). Next, give a little extra love to those problem areas by patting (not wiping) extra product on with a sponge.

If your skin is uneven with problem areas and you want more coverage, pat & blend “hello flawless!” onto skin with the sponge.

If your skin-tone is even all over with no problem areas, just grab a blush/powder brush and give yourself a light dusting all over.

If you’re like me, skin can be as fickle as a teenage girl: delightful and perfect sometimes, crazy and dramatic at others. That’s why using a combo of both brush and sponge is the best way to customize your coverage accordingly.