tips & tricks…halloween party

NYC can be the greatest city to celebrate Halloween, except when there is an unexpected snow storm. brrrrr! To keep the spirit alive & warm, ditch the party-hoping plan and get together with your closest of pals for an impromptu Halloween bash. Follow this 4 step party-plan and you are sure to have a festive holiday.

1. Think of a creative group costume idea. 2 or 3 heads are better then one…especially on Halloween.

2. Your costume should go beyond the outfit you wear. Become the character. Have a photo shoot as the character and you and your friends will have a blast. (See our mock Kardashian shoot below:)

3. Makeup is key when making the character transformation. Brow zings dark gave me that sexy full brow-arch that I totally admire on Kim!

4. Halloween isn’t just a costume party…it’s a state of mind. Spooky treats are the perfect way to enhance the environment. Pigs-in-a-blanket served in a bread bowl is an easy appetizer that you can instantly spook-ify by giving a fun name–like “mummy fingers.” Believe me, your guests will love it!

Media Darling


Spooky Treats!

Family photo: Khloe, Kim, Kourt

Ohhh Kris! (click here see the real photo)

welcome home Kardashians