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NYC can be the greatest city to celebrate Halloween, except when there is an unexpected snow storm. brrrrr! To keep the spirit alive & warm, ditch the party-hoping plan and get together with your closest of pals for an impromptu Halloween bash. Follow this 4 step party-plan and you are sure to have a festive holiday.

1. Think of a creative group costume idea. 2 or 3 heads are better then one…especially on Halloween.

2. Your costume should go beyond the outfit you wear. Become the character. Have a photo shoot as the character and you and your friends will have a blast. (See our mock Kardashian shoot below:)

3. Makeup is key when making the character transformation. Brow zings dark gave me that sexy full brow-arch that I totally admire on Kim!

4. Halloween isn’t just a costume party…it’s a state of mind. Spooky treats are the perfect way to enhance the environment. Pigs-in-a-blanket served in a bread bowl is an easy appetizer that you can instantly spook-ify by giving a fun name–like “mummy fingers.” Believe me, your guests will love it!

Media Darling


Spooky Treats!

Family photo: Khloe, Kim, Kourt

Ohhh Kris! (click here see the real photo)

welcome home Kardashians

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  1. If you are hosting a party then stick to reusable plates and cutlery instead of throw
    away items so that you can do what is best for the
    environment. Halloween home decor is the only excuse for cobwebs in your home.
    ll know exactly (or pretty close to) the total number of attendees
    are about to attend.

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