what’s up with watt’s up

Keeping secrets is a big part of the job description over here in products, that’s why when a certain something special launches we can’t wait to shout it from the mountain tops! Introducing watt’s up!, a soft focus highlighter for the face.



Spotlight on watt’s up!:

  • watt’s up gives the skin a beautiful champagne glow
  • the cream-to-powder finish is super easy to apply, on top of powders and liquids or just by itself!
  • the custom domed blender allows even the busiest gal a chance to blend on the go!

Check out the facebook album showing our amazing new highlighter on a variety of skintones:

Click on the pic to see watt's up! in action!

In addition to the shade looking so great we went around the office asking why people are loving watt’s up!:


a switch-on “wow” for all complexions

Why I love watt’s up!:

Everyone has their preferences but I’m definitely one of those girls who loves a matte finish to my skin, especially in areas like my t-zone where by 4pm I turn into an oil slick. However, I don’t want to be matte EVERYWHERE so I love to add a bit of dimension to my complexion. After applying my favorite chachatint along with a dusting of “Hello Flawless!” all over I swipe watt’s up! directly on to my cheekbones and blend it out. I also like to finish off my big beautiful eyes palette with a hint of glow. Swipe watt’s up! on the back of your hand and use the blender to dip into the product and apply the highlight to the brow bone.

Why Yoon loves watt’s up!:

Part of Yoon’s job in Product Marketing is to try and play with as many products as she can get her hands on.  That’s why when she finds something she loves you know it has to be good. Yoon loves to sculp and define her face, she uses watt’s up! paired with a bit of hoola to create the perfect chiseled look. Follow these steps:

  • To make a wider forehead appear more narrow: apply hoola to the temples and along the hair line, then follow with a few horizontal lines of watts up! in the center of your forehead. The deeper brown of hoola creates depth, tricking your eye to think the area is receding where as the highlighted portion appears to be coming forward.
  • To slim your nose, apply a stripe of watt’s up down the center of your nose then sandwhich that stripe with a thin line of hoola on either side. Follow by blending out these shades until you can no longer see a distinct line.

Why Annie loves watt’s up!:

Annie Ford Danielson, our Global Beauty Authority never knows when she might have an impromptu tv interview.  Sprucing up her makeup is part of the job but don’t forget about the neck and chest! Illuminate the decollete with a few stripes of watt’s up! Follow by adding your favorite body lotion to blend out and hydrate the skin. This leaves you with a fresh and lit from within radiance.

Why Catherine loves watt’s up!:

Catherine is our whose-who of Sephora. Between touring stores and long meetings she needs her look to last. Catherine applys watt’s up to the apples of her cheeks and then follows with her favorite box o’ powder. Not only does this amp up her favorite box o’ powder with a hint of pearl but the cream to powder formula grabs on to her cheek shade making it last throughout the day.

Why Erin loves watt’s up!:

Lastly, our very own blogging beauty BUZZarella often finds herself rushing out of the office for editor meetings and events about town. With a total time crunch she loves amping up her basic office eye,  apply watt’s up! to the center of the lid then follow with a deeper shade in the crease. Voila, a two-step smoky eye!

What tricks do you benebabes have for our newest highlighter, watt’s up!